Pokemon Fans Can Rock Out on This New Pikachu Guitar

You'd be hard pressed to find anyone that didn't immediately point to Pikachu when they were asked who was the most popular Pokemon around. The yellow electric rodent has long been one of the most premiere pocket monsters, recently having his own Hollywood feature length film under his belt with this year's Detective Pikachu, starring Ryan Reynolds. Though there is countless merchandise for the right hand 'Mon' of Ash Ketchum, a brand new guitar for musicians lets fans enter the world of Pokemon trainers thanks to The Pokemon Company.

Twitter User JoeMerrick shared the upcoming Pikachu Guitar, as well as a few other piece of Pokemon merchandise that places the electric type Pokemon into scenarios wherein they are rocking out and putting a band together in an attempt to make some of the biggest hits of the day:

Pokemon has really had Pikachu run through a number of different adventures recently, not just with the aforementioned feature length film of Detective Pikachu, but with the upcoming new anime series. Assisting Ash Ketchum in finally taking home a Pokemon Tournament win within the Alola League, the Pokemon: Sun And Moon series will be coming to an end, making way for a brand new series where Ash travels the world and basking in his current status as champion. Joined by a fellow aspiring trainer in the form of Gou, all new pocket monsters will surely be introduced in this upcoming series, as well as new threats for Ketchum to overcome.

Next month, on the video game front, Pikachu will be making a return to Nintendo with the Switch exclusive Pokemon: Sword and Shield. With new pocket monsters introduced such as Sir Fetch'd and "Gigantimax" versions of your favorite creatures, it's clear that this upcoming installment will be one of the most popular installments of the game series to date. Whether or not we'll be seeing Pikachu starting his own band or rocking away on a guitar of his very own in the game is a question for its release when it drops next month, November 2019.


While details about the guitar's release date and price have yet to be revealed, we'll be sure to let you know once more details arrive with regards to Pikachu themed instrument.

Will you be picking up this Pikachu guitar when it eventually drops? Which Pokemon would you add to your band? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Pokemon!