Pokemon Fan Brings Raichu to Life with Adorable Plush

Raichu has always been something of an interesting Pokemon. The evolutionary form of Pikachu, and [...]

Raichu has always been something of an interesting Pokemon. The evolutionary form of Pikachu, and the earlier Pichu, the larger electric rodent has never quite gotten the same level of attention as its "cousin". This however didn't stop one fan from making an attempt at shining a brand new spotlight on the pocket monster, putting together an adorable stuffed plushie that truly captures the cuteness of this bigger, stronger version of Pokemon's number one mascot.

Twitter User Piquipauparro didn't just give Raichu a new fan-made plushie edition, but also gave the usually grimacing pocket monster a happier disposition, easily making merchandise that could be mistaken for official Pokemon items for sale:

Raichu has always been overshadowed by its previous form of Pikachu, with the smaller, and let's be real, cuter version always managing to take the limelight. The bigger electric rodent did however give us a much better insight into the character of Pikachu, with Ash Ketchum and his number one pocket monster reaching something of a cross roads when attempting to take down both Lt. Surge and his Raichu.

Early on in the adventures of Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu, the pair were attempting to take down a series of Pokemon gym leaders in the Kanto Region. When they encountered the powerful Surge and his Raichu, it was clear that the pair was outmatched with Pikachu not being able to stand up against the Raichu's more powerful attacks.

Ash and Pikachu had an honest conversation, though obviously it was a tad one sided, as Ketchum attempted to convince his electric rodent that the best method for victory was for Pikachu to evolve into a Raichu itself. Pikachu was hesitant though and refused to evolve, with Ash deciding to go a different route and relying more on Pikachu's speed against Surge's stronger version, managing to defeat the higher evolution thanks to a combination of strategy and quick wits.

The relationship between these two has always been shaky at best, with the pair even squaring off in a pancake eating contest in the recent anime interpretation of the franchise: Pokemon the Series: Sun And Moon!

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