Pokemon: Twilight Wings Will Make You See Hop in a New Light

Pokemon: Twilight Wings has been a spin-off anime that has given us a brand new look at the Galar Region that was introduced in Nintendo's Sword And Shield game, and this latest episode has shown us a brand new side to Hop, the rival character of the game. Hop, for those who might not know, is the brother to the current Galar Champion, Leon, who is attempting to become the champ himself by beginning his Pokemon training journey. While the Switch exclusive gives you a nice breakdown of Hop and his character, the latest installment of Twilight Wings takes things one step further!

Warning! If you have yet to watch the latest episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings, we'll be diving into some spoiler territory with this one so you may want to steer clear of the rest of this article!

Episode Three of Twilight Wings doesn't necessarily feature Hop for the majority of the latest installment, but rather, it focuses on Hop's Pokemon, Wooloo, the sheep type pocket monster that appears far cuter than it is deadly. Wooloo, who feels jealous of Hop's unbridled love of his brother's Charizard, ventures out on his own in order to escape the endless admiration and in doing so, finds itself lost from its master. Luckily for the sheep type pocket monster, it is found by the grass-type gym leader, Milo, who assists in bringing him home.

Hop is shown here in a brand new light in that he is frantically searching for his Hop, informing the Pokemon, once he returns home thanks to a Corviknight's flight pattern, that he wouldn't want to become a Pokemon champion without him. His love and admiration for his pocket monster is clear from this latest installment, and while this is certainly shown every once in awhile during Pokemon: Sword And Shield, it hasn't been shown to this degree.


In the main anime series, Hop's brother Leon has already made an appearance and is hinting at being an upcoming opponent for Ash Ketchum himself. Perhaps, Hop himself, who has shown a number of similarities to the young trainer Ketchum in this recent episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings, will face off against Ash as well in the future.

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