Primal Creator Shares Hidden Detail About Season 2 Finale's Big Debut

Primal recently brought its game changing second season to an end earlier this Summer, and the creator behind the series opened up about the surprisingly emotional connection to the cameo at the end of the season finale! The brutal Adult Swim original animated series kicked off with a huge new kind of world that fans immediately fell in love with. It had raised all sorts of questions about what the second season could do to follow up such a massive series, and the second season met that challenge head on by taking things to an even more intense level than the first.

The second season introduced a whole new kind of narrative that connected nearly each episode to one another, and this also furthered the connection between Spear and Mira. With the final moments of the series taking their connection to a surprising new physical connection, and leading to the birth of their daughter, according to series creator Genndy Tartakovsky it's really a full circle moment as that's also his own daughter providing the voice of cameo taking things to a whole new era for the series. 

(Photo: Adult Swim)

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly about Primal's Season 2 finale, Tartakovsky explained that it felt "poetic" for his own daughter to provide the voice for Spear and Mira's child, "She's about the right age. It felt poetic to me. I usually don't do that. My wife always yells at me, 'Why aren't the kids more in the shows?' It's about the sincerity and the honesty, not just about getting my kids an extra buck. But my daughter kind of was into it. It's just one yell. It felt nice."

Speaking to her time on the series further, Tartakovsky opened up about how it furthers the themes of family in the second season overall, "And the familial part of it, it's just about character building...But doing this more episodic tale, we wanted more. And of course I didn't want to just rip it off. You want the feeling of it, the coolness of it. [Spear's daughter] is the future. She's the next step of evolution. Spear had a really strong intellect and so his daughter has that, plus all of Mira's knowledge and language."

So while Tartakovsky himself has no desire to follow Spear and Fang (or the next generation)'s story moving forward into a potential third season, at least the second season had a very more emotional moment for both the creator and the characters within. What did you think of Primal's big finale? Would you want to see more of Spear and Mira's daughter in the future of the series? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

(h/t EW)