Rick and Morty Surprises With Indiana Jones Crossover Promo

Rick and Morty surprised with a special Indiana Jones crossover with its newest promo on Adult [...]

Rick and Morty surprised with a special Indiana Jones crossover with its newest promo on Adult Swim! The fifth season of the fan favorite series is nearly coming to an end soon, and this newest season has seen one of the biggest promotional pushes for the series yet with all sorts of fun promotional materials ahead of and while the new season has been airing. One of the more fun series of promos have placed the titular duo within various claymation crossovers with other major franchises like Godzilla vs. Kong and the works of Studio Ghibli.

The newest promo debuted alongside the premiere of Episode 6 of the fifth season this past weekend, and this time it saw Rick and Morty inside of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom while Beth is in danger. This is yet another one of the fun clay crossovers that we have seen over the course of the season thus far, and it's far from the only fun one that we'll see as the season continues further. You can check it out below as spotted by @swimpedia on Twitter:

The next episode of the series, "Gotron Jerrysis Evangelion" will be making its premiere on Adult Swim next Sunday evening, August 1st at 11:00PM EST. If you wanted to catch up with the season thus far, the first episode is now streaming for free on YouTube and the five episodes thus far can be found on Adult Swim's website with a cable subscription. If you're wanting to go back and check out all four seasons so far, you can find them all streaming with HBO Max. These aren't the only new appearances from Rick and Morty either.

The duo not only made a new cameo appearance in Space Jam: A New Legacy (which can also be found now streaming on HBO Max), there's also reportedly a new anime short currently in the works for a release soon. The franchise has experimented with two anime shorts already, but one seems to be coinciding with the upcoming anime influenced episode making its debut this coming week. But what do you think?

How do you like this newest Rick and Morty crossover? What kind of crossovers from the series would you want to see happen next? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!