Rick and Morty Releases Terrifying Adult Swim Promo

Rick And Morty's fifth season has been a hit with fans since its debut pitting the mad scientist [...]

Rick And Morty's fifth season has been a hit with fans since its debut pitting the mad scientist against his rival Mr. Nimbus, a hilarious poke at Marvel's Sub-Mariner, and it has continued to draw plenty of eyeballs as the series has released a new terrifying promo to push the series. With the latest episode of the series introducing the world of the Smith family to a strange new version of Captain Planet in Planetina, it's clear that the fifth season is swinging for the fences when it comes to some major themes like relationships, existential crises, and more.

The promo released by Adult Swim is clearly a hilarious fusion between their biggest series and the horror movie Hostel, which told the terrifying story of American tourists finding themselves at the mercy of an operation that looked to give wealthy individuals the ability to murder and torture at will. Becoming successful enough to warrant a number of sequels, there currently isn't any news about Hostel returning with any new entries within the franchise, but it's clear that the horror series has earned its place within the medium and the grandfather/grandson team take a swing at the disturbing film.

Rick And Morty shared the disturbing new promo on its Official Twitter Account, blending the animated series with the scenery from Hostel that spelled doom for many of its characters that were taken into this terrifying scenario:

While Rick And Morty hasn't taken the opportunity to riff on a horror movie during this season yet, the trailers for the latest entries have shown us that it will be taking a swing at Clive Barker's Hellraiser, with Rick and his family navigating through a world of faux-Cenobites. Also, the season has dived into plenty of blood and gore so far, with the second episode exploring a war taking place between the "Decoys," of the Smith family as they all killed one another to determine who was the real versions of Rick and his clan. Needless to say, Rick And Morty certainly hasn't been afraid to dive into some seriously horrific territory in the past.

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