Rick and Morty Cosplay Puts Hilariously Sexy Spin on Pickle Rick

While fans are currently waiting on the next episode of Rick and Morty's fourth season, there's a huge anticipation to see what comes next especially considering the wild tangents and reveals of the third season. The third season of the series shifted the fandom in wild and unexpected directions, and the most seemingly random things took off in popularity. There's no better example of this from the third season than with Rick's pickle transformation -- coined as Pickle Rick. While Pickle Rick is a pretty straightforward looking, fans have actually found a new way to spin it.

One resurfaced take from artist @jessilyncupcake (who you can find on Instagram here) has somehow put a "sexy" spin on Pickle Rick's look through some pretty hilarious cosplay. You can check it out below:

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The third episode of Season 3, "Pickle Rick," introduced this new look for Rick to the world and it's been a huge hit ever since. Sprouting various merchandise, memes, and all sorts of other in-jokes from fans, this was actually part of a pretty heavy plot in the series overall. As explored in the episode, Rick was simply using his pickle transformation as a way to avoid confronting the traumas experienced by the family.

This episode served as a great example of how the series can balance its tones and still deliver some strong narratives, but Pickle Rick took off for a whole different set of reasons. Season 4 is rounding out its five new episodes over the next few weeks, so there's still time for Pickle Rick to make a comeback.


After these five episodes premiere, there's currently no timetable for when the back half of Season 4's ten confirmed episodes will debut, however.The cast of the series recorded their parts in full for the season over a year ago as Spencer Grammer, who provides the voice for Summer, explained to ComicBook.com, "It's probably like a year, honestly from when we weren't recording to when we were recording." Elaborating further, Grammer said, "Our season opener, I recorded it over a year ago, and so I didn't remember what it was. I was like, Oh yeah, this episode. It was real funny. But the tag that we have with the bees, that was new. They just added that three or four weeks ago, with the wasp family, at the end of the episode."