Rick and Morty Producer Teases "Epic Canon" in Season 5

Rick and Morty's fifth season is currently in the works, and one of the producers and writers for [...]

Rick and Morty's fifth season is currently in the works, and one of the producers and writers for the series is teasing "epic canon" coming in Season 5. Rick and Morty's fourth season wrapped its final episodes earlier this year, so fans have begun the countdown for the fifth season. But while the fourth season of the series explored some of the hanging plot threads left over from the third, it instead had returned to the episodic nature of the early seasons rather than potentially continuing its own canon. But according to producer and writer Scott Marder, that's going to change with Season 5.

During the Rick and Morty Global Celebration panel during Adult Swim Festival (which had gone virtual this year), co-creator Dan Harmon was asked about potential teases and updates for the fifth season of the series but was struggling to come up with anything concrete, "I think we're working on Season 7 right now, I can't even keep track. I wouldn't know if I were spoiling Season 5 or Season 6."

But he did mention that we'll be seeing more of the Space Beth introduced during the Season 4 finale, "There's pretty groovy things coming regarding Beth...Space Beth was not a one-off character. That's a thing that could have been the case." Then Scott Marder elaborated on Harmon's statement and mentioned a return to the series' canon.

Rick and Morty Season 4 Evil Morty
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"There's epic canon in Season 5 coming," Marder stated, "Fans are gonna like get knocked over by the canon we're about to hit them with." Elaborating further, Marder could not go into detail much but relayed his excitement about the new season, "I'm a huge fan before I even got to be on the show, so to get to write for it, I get to feed my excitement of loving this show before I get to write for it. So you'll feel that in the show. Season 5, all the stuff we're doing is so awesome."

While there's sure to be one-off adventures in Rick and Morty's next season, this tease does confirm that the series' overarching story will be moving forward and that's one of the fan favorite elements of the animated series. After playing it off in the meta fourth season episode, many fans will likely be glad to see the series return to expand its own canon!

But what do you think? Are Rick and Morty's canon episodes a big deal? Happy to see more of it explored in the next season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!