'Saga of Tanya the Evil' Announces New Anime Film

Saga of Tanya the Evil was one of the oddest series of 2017, as it includes graphic violence [...]

Saga of Tanya the Evil was one of the oddest series of 2017, as it includes graphic violence alongside a war torn setting, but focused on a young girl who was possessed by a Japanese salaryman.

Naturally, with such a unique premise, the anime fandom quickly grew attached to the series and it has done well enough to warrant a full-length feature film.

Announced in Kadokawa's Newtype magazine, Carlo Zen and Shinobu Shinotsuki's Saga of Tanya the Evil novel series is getting a film. Directed by Yutaka Uemura, produced by Studio NUT, and voice actresses Aoi Yuki and Saori Hayami will be reprising their roles as Tanya Degurechaff and Visha respectively.

(Photo: Yen Press)

Alongside a key visual drawn by Shinotsuki advertising the project, the film has confirmed that it will be an all new work instead of a compilation film going over the events of the series. In an interview with director Uemura, he clarified that the film will follow the events of the anime and will show the change in relationship between Tanya and the top brass in the military alongside the development of her own troops.

Uemura also confirmed that a film originally wasn't planned after the series had wrapped, but thanks to being so popular with fans the film was greenlit. He also noted that fans should pay attention to the sound work in the film as the theatrical presentation will allow him to better emphasize its overall presentation. Uemura went on to say that he's also taken some influence from Christopher Nolan's latest World War II film, Dunkirk.

Saga of Tanya the Evil is currently streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Yen Press has licensed the manga and light novel series for an English language release and describes the series as such:

"High above the blood- and mud-soaked trenches, a young girl pits herself against army mages in high stakes aerial duels with bullets, spells, and bayonets. Her name is Tanya Degurechaff and she is the Devil of the Rhine, one of the greatest soldiers the Empire has ever seen! But inside her mind lives a ruthless, calculating ex-salaryman who enjoyed a peaceful life in Japan until he woke up in a war-torn world. Reborn as a destitute orphaned girl with nothing to her name but memories of a previous life, Tanya will do whatever it takes to survive, even if she can find it only behind the barrel of a gun!"