Sailor Moon Cosplay Brings Sailor Freddie Mercury to Life

Anime Expo gave plenty of anime fans the opportunity to not just celebrate the world of anime, but also slap on their finest cosplay to wear their love of the medium on their sleeves. While some of the biggest characters were represented during this latest convention, one fan went the extra mile by fusing one of the biggest characters from Sailor Moon with one of the biggest rock and roll gods as Sailor Mercury meets Freddie Mercury in this hilarious outfit. 

While the original Sailor Moon series ended decades ago, that hasn't stopped the Shoji heroine from returning in a number of television projects and feature-length films. Next year is set to see Sailor Moon Cosmos present the "final battle" for the Sailor Scouts, though considering how often Usagi and her friends have returned in the past, we definitely wouldn't take bets on this being the last time that Sailor Moon makes an appearance within the world of anime. The upcoming anime project is set to adapt the "Stars Arc" and will see Sailor Moon and her friends taking on a corrupted version of one of their own.

Twitter Cosplayer Alex Drastal shared this amazing fusion that sees the lead singer of Queen fusing with Sailor Mercury in originally cosplay that was sure to turn a few heads at this year's Anime Expo while placating fans of the legendary rocker and Sailor Moon alike: 

Recently, the family of Sailor Moon creator, Naoko Takeuchi, made the news with Tekuchi's husband being none other than the creator of Hunter x Hunter, Yoshihiro Togashi. With the mangaka making his long-awaited return to the series featuring Gon and his fellow hunters, having broken down that his health issues were the reason behind the series' hiatus, it will be interesting to see if Takeuchi might return to the series that became one of the most notable within the anime world to this day.


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