New 'Saint Seiya' Anime Reveals Surprising Key Visual

If you need to revisit the Saint Seiya franchise, then you have to wait just a bit longer. The [...]

If you need to revisit the Saint Seiya franchise, then you have to wait just a bit longer. The franchise will get a new anime adaptation from Toei Animation, and its first key visual went live not long ago.

As you can see, it looks like Saint Seiya is about to get girl powered.

Over on Twitter, the official page for Toei Animation gave fans its first-look at the next Saint Seiya series. The anime, which is titled Saint Seiya: Saintia Sho, is set to debut in 2019. The key visual shows a series of girls in ornate armor, but the figures in gold manage to steal the spotlight.

Toei Animation will produce the anime, and its original manga is licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment. You can read the publisher's summary of the story below:

"In the wake of a space-wide civil war instigated by Saga–the Gemini Gold Saint–a new team of Saints comes together with the goal of protecting their goddess Athena. This first all-woman team of armored warriors, powered by the Zodiac, will use their cunning, strength, and compassion to defend their worlds and oppose their very destinies."

For those of you unfamiliar with Saint Seiya, the series is a classic shonen title in Japan. It was created in 1985 by Masami Kurumada, and it follows five mystical warriors known as Saints. The fighters wear powerful armor known as 'Cloths' which derive their strength from constellations. Their goal is to defend the reincarnation of Athena by battling the other Olympians who wish to take over Earth. This new series will follow a female Saint who is tasked with protecting Athena and introduce her all-female team of Saintia members.

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