Sakamoto Days Volume 17 Cover Art Revealed

Sakamoto Days has revealed the cover art for Volume 17 of the manga!

Sakamoto Days might be taking over conversations thanks to its new anime, but the manga is keeping up with the reveal for the cover art for Volume 17 of the manga! Sakamoto Days' manga is one of the biggest action hits currently running in the pages of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, and the series seems to only be getting bigger with each new chapter that hits. As it works its way through one of its most intense arcs to date, each new volume of the manga hitting shelves in Japan has been eagerly anticipated and flying off the shelves as soon as they hit. 

With Sakamoto Days recently announcing a new anime adaptation was now in the works, the manga has also made a major step forward with the reveal of the cover art for Volume 17 of the manga. Hitting shelves in Japan beginning on June 4th, Sakamoto Days Volume 17 collects Chapters 143 through 151 of Yuto Suzuki's original manga series. The cover art features a cool action shot of Mafuyu Seba (who plays a big role in this particular chunk of chapters), and you can check out the cover for Sakamoto Days Volume 17 below. 

How to Read Sakamoto Days Manga

If you wanted to check out the manga for yourself, you can now find the latest chapters of Yuto Suzuki's original manga series for free with Viz Media's digital ShonenJump library or Shueisha's MangaPlus service. They tease Sakamoto Days as such, "Taro Sakamoto was the ultimate assassin, feared by villains and admired by hitmen. But one day...he fell in love! Retirement, marriage, fatherhood and then... Sakamoto gained weight! The chubby guy who runs the neighborhood store is actually a former legendary hitman! Can he protect his family from danger? Get ready to experience a new kind of action comedy series!"

There's a new anime adaptation in the works as well! Sakamoto Days' anime is now in production for a scheduled release some time in 2025, but has yet to confirm any international release plans as of the time of this writing. The first members of the staff have been revealed with Masaki Watanabe will be directing the new anime for TMS Entertainment with Taku Kishimoto overseeing the scripts, and Yo Moriyama providing the character designs. Tomokazu Sugita has also been cast as the voice of its main character, Taro Sakamoto.