Comic Artist Alex Ross Reveals 'Gatchaman' Artwork

Tatsunoko's Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (known as Battle of the Planets in the West) is one of the most renowned anime series ever, and has inspired numerous other projects, films, and the like.

Soon fans of the series will be able to one in all in one complete package, and this special package will include some extra special art from equally as renowned comics artist Alex Ross.

Sentai Filmworks has licensed the series for a limited edition collector's release that collects all 150 episodes of the original anime series, Gatchaman - The Movie, and the three OVA specials (Gatchaman vs Turtle King, The Mysterious Red Impulse, and Final Count 002) into one handy package. The limited edition release will include both the English and Japanese (with English subtitles) releases of the series and extras such as interviews, cast auditions, and commentaries.

But the most special inclusion with the new release is a special 64 page artbook from Alex Ross. Ross has shown his love for Science Ninja Team Gatchaman as far back as 2007, so fans of the series will definitely want to see what else is included with the art book. Ross is known for his work on both Marvel and DC Comics (notably Kingdom Come) projects as well as assorted other properties, and his art is instantly recognizeable.

The new collection will be available on Blu-ray in limited quantities on April 30, and will run interested fasn $99.99 USD. You can find out more information at the link here.

Sentai Filmworks describes Science Ninja Team Gatchaman as such:

"Using amazing weapons powered by super-science, the international terrorist organization known as GALACTOR is out to steal all of Earth's resources for itself and its inhuman masters. Mankind's only hope? The International Science Organization and their elite strike force, the Science Ninja Team! But these five young heroes will have their work cut out for them as they take on the seemingly impossible task of defeating GALACTOR's horrific arsenal of mechanized weapons of mass destruction and endless armies of henchmen.


Can costumed commandos Ken the Eagle, Joe the Condor, Jun the Swallow, Jinpei the Sparrow and Ryu the Owl really overcome such overwhelming odds? Utilizing the incredible technology and fighting techniques created by Dr. Nambu, and with the mighty ship the God Phoenix at their command, they just might!"