Scream VI: Ghostface Gets Killer Anime Makeover in New Promo

The newest Scream movie is now taking over theaters everywhere, and its killer Ghostface has gotten an equally killer anime makeover with a slick new promo to help celebrate Scream VI's big debut! The newest feature film in the long running Scream franchise has hit the big screen, and early responses from both fans and critics seem to note it as one of the bloodiest new undertakings in the franchise to date. But while Ghostface has been seen in movies, video games, and more, it turns out that the fan favorite murderer would fit right into an anime project as well. 

As Scream VI's movie debut continues to dominate the box office for one of the most successful launches in the franchise's history, Ghostface fever is definitely at a high as there are all sorts of potential ways to explore the killer in new setting. While the masked assailant makes the jump to New York City in the newest movie to terrorize the Scream cast, a special promo released by Lineage Studios has imagined what a Scream anime could look like in motion! Check it out below: 

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Produced by BossLogic's team at Lineage Studios with animation crafted by David Liu (@AngryangryD on Twitter), backgrounds from @DonnieDurdunkle on Twitter, with Animation CU, color, and shading help from @tedbob84 on Twitter, this special Ghostface animation sees the fan favorite masked assailant attacking a would be victim in New York City, something fans are definitely aware of as they watched the Scream cast do the same kind of running in the new movie

Scream VI is currently making its way through theaters as of this writing, and you can check out's Charlie Ridgely's review of the film here. Here's a sample to get you started, "No franchise like Scream has to constantly reinvent itself with meta narratives while also keeping direct connections to its original installments. As time goes on, that balancing act becomes more and more difficult, but these filmmakers have proven themselves more than up to the challenge. Scream VI is a mean, nasty, rollicking good time at the movies, just as Wes Craven always intended."

Would you want to see a full Scream anime series of movie in the future? Which of the movies would make the best anime project? Let us know all of your thoughts on it and everything Scream VI in the comments!