Berserk/Lupin The 3rd Director Shichiro Kobayashi Passes Away at 89

The anime world has lost another great as director Shichiro Kobayashi was announced dead at 89, passing away late last month. Having worked on major anime franchises including Berserk, Lupin The 3rd, Urusei Yatsura, and many more, the prolific director had a major impact on the medium throughout his career which began in 1964. Kobayashi passed away due to congestive heart failure and the anime world has lost a major creator who assisted in bringing animated worlds to countless viewers around the globe.

Specifically, Kobayashi worked on Lupin The 3rd: The Castle of Cagliostro, perhaps the most legendary entry within the franchise focusing on the gentlemen thief, along with having a hand in the creation of 1997's Berserk television series, regarded by many anime fans as the best portrayal of the world of the Band of the Hawk. The last project which Kobayashi worked on was the 2010 anime series, Detective Opera Milky Holmes, which followed a new band of detectives looking to walk the path of Sherlock Holmes. 

Many anime fans are taking the opportunity to honor the deceased director, with one, in particular, sharing some of the amazing shots that arrived thanks to the hard work of Shichiro Kobayashi throughout his career:

Following joining Toei Animation in 1964, Kobayashi would go on to create his own production company via the Kobayashi Production company in 1968. Throughout his career, Shichiro has received several accolades for his work within the anime medium, including the Niho Anime Taisho award in 1986 and the Tokyo International Anime Fair Award of Merit in 2009. Following these, Kobayashi would go on to receive the Film Award of Merit in 2011 via the Agency of Cultural Affairs. 

Shichiro leaves behind an amazing bed of anime titles and his impact on the medium cannot be overstated. 

Our thoughts are with the friends and family of Shichiro Kobayashi during this difficult time. 

Via Natalie Comic