A Silent Voice Is Now On Netflix

Netflix continues to add to its roster in terms of anime with each passing month. Recently, the streaming service added to its stable with the critically acclaimed animated film out of Japan, A Silent Voice. The animated comedy/drama dropped on Netflix on June 5th of this year, promising to give viewers a bittersweet movie experience within the medium of anime.

Twitter Account WTK noted that the movie has been released on Netflix with both a subbed and dubbed version available for subscribers in the US:

The film was originally released in 2016 and took a look into the world of school bullying and the depression that could come about because of it. Shoya, one of the protagonists of the film, as a child mercilessly tormented a girl in his class who was deaf. As he continued bullying Shoko, eventually the rest of the class started bullying him, thanks in part to him attempting to sell out his friends after being sent to the Principal's office.

While Shoya contemplates suicide, he meets Shoko once again as an adult and the pair learn more about each other while exploring their lives together. The movie itself feels like a spiritual predecessor to Your Name while managing to add a lot of themes that hadn't been explored as intensively in other anime movies and series.

(Photo: Eleven Arts)

Both a critical and financial success, with a box office take of $33 million USD, it's not surprise to see that Netflix would pick up this movie to add to its anime line. Produced by the animation studio, Kyoto Animation, the popular film was based on a manga created by Yoshitoko Oima.

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A Silent Voice is a feature length anime film based on Yoshitoko Oima's manga of the same name. Produced by Kyoto Animation, directed by Naoko Yamada, and written by Reiko Yoshida, the film follows a boy named Shoya who bullies his deaf classmate, Shoko, in elementary school. After the bullying goes south, he's ostracized by his classmates and grows up isolated and angry at the rest of the world. Years later, he runs into Shoko and the two slowly try to recover from their dark past and build toward a brighter future.


The film earned 2.3 billion yen during its initial run in Japan, and was the 19th highest-grossing film in Japan in 2016. The film briefly screened in the United States last October, and returned with its English dub earlier this February. You can read ComicBook.com's review of the film at the link here.