Iconic Sci-Fi Manga Creator Leiji Matsumoto Recovering from Reported Stroke

Over the weekend, manga fans experienced a bit of a shock when a new report went live about Leiji Matsumoto. The beloved artist is a staple amongst sci-fi lovers given his work on several notable space operas. Matsumoto made headlines after being rushed to a hospital after collapsing at an event, but it seems the artist is recovering now.

According to initial reports, it was said Matsumoto suffered either a stroke or respiratory distress during an event in Italy. The artist was in Turin to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his most famous protagonist Captain Harlock and their anime adaptation.

Matsumoto was admitted to a local hospital in critical condition, but he managed to rebound with the help of doctors. As otakujp summarized for fans, reports in Japan confirmed Matsumoto woke up two days after being admitted for his health issues.

As the reports go, Matsumoto asked where he was upon waking. The staff then wondered whether or not they should make a Captain Harlock reference to lighten the mood, and the artist has only recovered since then. At this time, it seems Matsumoto is still being cared for in Italy, and fans are hoping he will make a fully recovery before long.

Of course, Matsumoto has plenty of fans all around the world. Back in 1974, the creator worked heavily on Space Battleship Yamato before making his own works. The first was Space Pirate Captain Harlock before Galaxy Express 999 followed. As his career continued, Matsumoto returned to Space Battleship Yamato to help co-creator Yoshinobu Nishizaki before the latter passed away in 2010. As of late, Matsumoto has focused on his own series by creating spin-offs set within their universes. With such an impressive body of work under his belt, Matsumoto stands as one of manga's most acclaimed artists, and fans are wishing him all the best as he moves forward with treatment.