Spider-Man: Octo-Girl Volume 2 Cover Art Revealed

The Spider-Man spin-off manga from My Hero Academia: Vigilantes' creators has revealed new cover art!

Spider-Man: Octo-Girl has been one of the more surprising manga spin-offs, and the cover art for its newest volume has been revealed! Shueisha and Marvel have teamed up on all sorts of fun manga projects, and one that has caught a lot of attention from fans is a brand new take on the famous Spider-Man foe, Dr. Octopus. Tackled by the creative team behind My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, Spider-Man: Octo-Girl imagines what would happen if Dr. Octopus' mind was put within the body of a small girl in Japan and follows all of the wackiness that comes from it. 

Spider-Man: Octo-Girl is the official spin-off series from Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court that imagines a fun new take on Dr. Octopus, and the series has been working its way through its chapters through its run in Japan. While the new manga series will be making its physical English language debut later this year, the second volume of the manga is readying to hit shelves in Japan. To get ready for this next release, you can check out the cover art for Volume 2 of Spider-Man: Octo-Girl below (as spotted by @MangaMoguraRE on X).

What Is Spider-Man: Octo-Girl? 

Spider-Man: Octo-Girl will be officially releasing onto shelves in the United States later this Fall, and Viz Media will also be offering the chapters digitally with their Viz Manga app later this year as well due to a new partnership between Marvel and Viz Manga to share more manga releases. So while it's going to be a wait to see how this new spin-off has been shaping up, at least fans won't have to wait too much longer to see how it will all come together soon enough.

As for what to expect from Spider-Man: Octo-Girl's story, Viz Media teases it as such, "A new Spider-Man manga from the creators of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes! Spider-Man rogue Doctor Octopus faces his biggest challenge yet—living life as a middle school girl in Japan! After a battle with Spider-Man, the evil genius scientist Doctor Octopus falls into a coma. When he wakes up, his consciousness is in the body of Otoha Okutamiya, a middle school girl in Tokyo! Thus begins the strange school life of Spider-Man's biggest rival...as a normal Japanese girl!"