Spy x Family Creator Hypes Latest Anime Award With New Art

Spy x Family made its debut last year on screen, and it would put things lightly to say the series has been a hit. Anya Forger helped turn Spy x Family into a household name in a matter of 20+ episodes. The girl and her family have endeared the whole anime fandom. And in the wake of several major awards, Spy x Family's creator is celebrating the anime with new art.

The update comes straight from Twitter courtesy of Tatsuya Endo. The artist, who created Spy x Family some years ago, posted new art of Loid and Anya Forger. The piece was done to celebrate two stars from the Spy x Family anime after they took home honors at the 17th Seiyuu Awards in Japan.

For those who did not hear, Spy x Family swept the event's major categories alongside Lycoris Recoil. The award for Lead Voice Actor went to Atsumi Tanezaki for Anya while Takuya Eguchi took home the award for Loid. Tanezaki also won the award for Best Supporting Voice Actor thanks to their work in My Dress-Up Darling and Mob Psycho 100 season three.

Given the big night, Endo inked a quick sketch of Anya and Loid accepting the Seiyuu Awards in person. You can check out the art above as Loid stands to the left in a cut black suit. The dark outfit suits the spy perfectly, and as for Anya, the adorable girl has her pink hair pulled into twin tails. Dressed in a formal red gown, Anya looks pleased to be holding the big award. We're sure Yor is the one snapping this photo of the pair behind the scenes. And perhaps in the future, actress Saori Hayami will win one of these awards for her work as Yor.

After all, Spy x Family has much more to do. The manga is still putting out new chapters regularly, and the success of the Spy x Family anime helped green-light new projects. A movie starring the Forger family is in the works, and Spy x Family season 2 is a go. No release window has been released for either project at this time, but if we are lucky, Spy x Family will have something new for fans to binge in the next year. 

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