'Steins;Gate 0' Teases Its (Short?) Episode Order

With just a few weeks left until the spring anime season begins, fans are ready for the [...]

With just a few weeks left until the spring anime season begins, fans are ready for the industry's next slate of series. My Hero Academia, Tokyo Ghoul, and more will return come April, and Steins;Gate 0 is one of its most hyped.

So, you can understand why fans are concerned that the sequel may get a short episode order.

Recently, a new interview regarding Steins;Gate 0 made its way to social media. A fan on Twitter took a photo of the teaser, and the shot contains quotes from the anime's cast. You can read up on the crew's in-question quote below:

"We first thought of doing either Mayuri or Amadeus route in 13 eps, but ultimately decided to do both."

The quote has fans split about the anime's episode order thanks to its vague wording. The fandom isn't sure whether the quote means Steins;Gate 0 will 13 episodes total and combine the two character stories or if it will be 26 instead. So far, no official word has been given from the seasonal order, but many are hoping the quote is going for the fandom's second translation.

For those of you unfamiliar with Steins;Gate 0, the story takes place in a world different from the original anime. It starts in 2010 after Rintarou has given up on saving Kurisu from his deadly paradoxes. Anguished by her death, Rintarou leaves his mad scientist days behind and has flashbacks of his days with Kurisu from the Alpha world.

Things change, however, when Kurisu's university professor approaches Rintarou for help. Alexis Leskinen wants the man to test a new AI system known as Amadeus. The system can store memories and create human emulations from them. When Rintarou begins testing Amadeus, he is able to create an emulation of Karisu within the system, but things go haywire when SERN makes itself known again.

If you are still unsure about whether Steins;Gate is worth your time, then here's a brief rundown of the beloved series. The anime follows a so-called 'mad scientist' named Rintaro Okabe who runs a laboratory in Tokyo. The man's life turns upside down after he stumbles across the dead body of a well-known scientist named Kurisu Makise. He texts a colleague about the incident only to discover that his message reached his friend before the murder was actually committed. It turns out that Okabe's phone is part of an experimental time-traveling project that actually worked, giving him the ability to send text messages through time.

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