Steins;Gate Should Drop a Special Announcement Soon

The time-traveling world of Steins;Gate is hinting at something big coming this week, with the [...]

The time-traveling world of Steins;Gate is hinting at something big coming this week, with the company behind the franchise hinting at a big reveal on March 17th. The surprise announcement might have already been announced, as the anime franchise revealed that a collaboration between the series and the mobile game, Revue Starlight, would be launching a new campaign on that very day, allowing players of the game to implement some major characters from the series via this new crossover.

Steins;Gate has been in the news somewhat frequently in the past year or so, with Hollywood announcing that a live-action television series was in the works, taking a page from Netflix's upcoming anime adaptations of One Piece and Cowboy Bebop. First arriving as a "visual novel", Steins;Gate has managed to transcend its original medium and make the leap to anime, manga, and upcoming live-action properties.

The Official Twitter Account for Steins;Gate shared the countdown, as well as re-tweeting the mobile game campaign which will be arriving via Revue Starlight that will allow fans to interact with characters from the time-traveling series:

Steins;Gate started as a visual novel game developed by 5pb and Nitroplus. An anime adaptation was produced by White Fox in 2011 and follows a so-called 'mad scientist' named Rintaro Okabe who runs a laboratory in Tokyo. The man's life turns upside down after he stumbles across the dead body of a well-known scientist named Kurisu Makise. He texts a colleague about the incident only to discover that his message reached his friend before the murder was actually committed. It turns out that Okabe's phone is part of a time-traveling project that worked, giving him the ability to send texts through time.

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