Steins;Gate to Get Hollywood Live-Action TV Series

It looks like Hollywood has found its next big anime franchise to dive into. These days, work is ongoing on several live-action anime adaptations. From Cowboy Bebop to One Piece, some of anime's biggest franchises are making their way overseas for adaptations, and a new announcement just confirmed Steins;Gate will be the next to go live.

Recently, fans were told of the upcoming series during an anniversary livestream for Steins;Gate. It was there the event confirms a live-action TV series is being developed within Hollywood for the series. The show will be based on the anime's plot which originated in a visual novel years ago.

According to the report, Skydance Television will be overseeing the live-action project. The production company has a solid resume trailing thanks to shows like Altered Carbon, Grace & Frankie, and Jack Ryan.

At this time, little info is known about the show or its creative team. Fans were simply told the live-action series will stream worldwide "soon", leaving many to wonder whether the show will be streamed through Netflix. In the past, Altered Carbon rose to fame thanks to Netflix, so it would make since for Steins;Gate to do the same. You can keep up with to get all the latest updates on the live-action adaptation as details about the project surface!

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Steins;Gate began as a visual novel game developed by 5pb and Nitroplus. An anime adaptation was produced by White Fox in 2011, and follows a so-called 'mad scientist' named Rintaro Okabe who runs a laboratory in Tokyo. The man's life turns upside down after he stumbles across the dead body of a well-known scientist named Kurisu Makise. He texts a colleague about the incident only to discover that his message reached his friend before the murder was actually committed. It turns out that Okabe's phone is part of a time-traveling project that worked, giving him the ability to send texts through time.