'Street Fighter' Gets An Anime-Inspired Makeover From 'Voltron' Producer

These days, it seems like anything can be made into an anime. From commercials about Ramen to Batman, the anime industry is willing to try it all, so a studio should give Joaquim Dos Santos a call ASAP.

After all, the Voltron: Legendary Defenders executive producer knows a thing or two about anime, and he's got a definite interest in Street Fighter.

Over on Twitter, Dos Santos got netizens buzzing after he shared some artwork he did for Street Fighter. The sketch, which can be seen below, imagines several of the video game franchise's top characters in an anime-inspired style similar to what Voltron and even Avatar: The Last Airbender use. And, as you might have guessed, fans are freaking out over the gorgeous work.

"More late night streetfighters standing around. It's my safe place," the artist wrote.

If you are a fan of this Street Fighter take, then you will want to let Dos Santos and the world know. It wasn't too long ago that the producer-director told the world he once tried to float an animated series based on the franchise, but its inflated cost got in the way.

Back in February, Dos Santos shared some art he did for the show's pitch, and he said the project was tentatively titled Street Fighter: Warriors Dawn.

"Could/would have been SO FUN! One day hopefully. Total dream project," the artist explained.


According to Dos Santos, his team did try to get the series off the ground. He said they had "good sit downs at Capcom and even had a contract" at one point. However, the show fell apart over funding when the team could not get anyone to back the show financially. So, now would be a great time for Netflix to extend a loving budget to Dos Santos if he's got the time to revive this passion project of his. If the company is happy with the reception of Voltron, then an all-clear on this Street Fighter project would surely mean good things. After all, Netflix's anime take on Castlevania proved the company can turn around some solid video game adaptations, and Dos Santos' impressive resume speaks for itself.

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