Studio Ghibli Announces First-Ever Digital Release of Films

Have you been looking to catch up on some anime classics? If you have yet to check out Studio Ghibli, the company is one of the top production studios for anime. Thanks to co-creator Hayao Miyazaki, the studio put out plenty of hit films like Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle. And for the first time ever, it seems those movies are ready to go digital.

Yes, that is right. At long last, digital collectors can complete their roster of films. Studio Ghibli will have its catalog released on digital this month, so you can put all your favorite movies on a wishlist ahead of the holidays.

The news dropped recently when GKIDS Films posted an update for fans online. The company, whoo licenses Studio Ghibli moves in the U.S., told followers the digital copies would go on sale starting December 17.

As for what will be on sale, it seems Studio Ghibli isn't restricting any of its picks. The studio's catalog will be available for digital purchase so long as you are in the U.S. or Canada. Both the English and Japanese versions will be up for grabs, so you better make sure you buy the right film!

Today, you will be able to pre-order a select few films before they release shortly. If you want to do so, you will have to visit one of the several online outlets hosting digital downloads for Studio Ghibli like:

  • Apple TV
    Amazon VOD
    Google Play

If you are not ready to. put money down on the films just yet, don't worry! You will be able to get a taste of Studio Ghibli's catalog shortly. Earlier this year, it was announced HBO Max would have the exclusive streaming rights to the company's library, so you will be able to watch movies like Princess Mononoke on demand before long.

Will you be nabbing any of these films on digital upon their release? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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