Studio Ghibli Announces New Collection of Bags, Purses

Studio Ghibli is a legend when it comes to animation. Creating such classics as My Neighbor [...]

Studio Ghibli is a legend when it comes to animation. Creating such classics as My Neighbor Totoro, Howl's Moving Castle, and Spirited Away, it's no wonder that the animation house has managed to venture into the world of merchandise time and time again. Now, stepping into the outlet of merch once again, Studio Ghibli is releasing a series of bags and purses modeled after the magical world of the giant cat like creatures of My Neighbor Totoro. Thanks to LL Bean and Donguri Kyowakoku, you'll manage to get some entirely new schwag from the magical universe.

Online Anime News Source, SoraNews24, shared the first designs for the upcoming lines of bags and purses that feature both Totoro and the Cat Bus from the timeless classic from Studio Ghibli, which will go on sale on October 26th for around $120 USD:

My Neighbor Totoro, for those who somehow haven't managed to see this legendary film at this point, follows a pair of sisters and their father moving out to the country in order to be closer to the hospital that is housing their sickly mother. As they travel back and forth between their new home and the hospital, the sisters manage to come into contact with a number of magical creatures that are linked to the forest and the spirit of the wilderness.

As their mother attempts to recover, the sisters find themselves more enraptured in the world of the spirits, also coming into contact with the terrifying Cat Bus, that takes magical creatures around the countryside while also being an amalgam between a vehicle and a feline. The appeal of My Neighbor Totoro is the creations of Hayao Miyazaki, mixing the mundane with the supernatural. While the story of Totoro doesn't have end of the world stakes, the characters and worlds established here are beyond endearing.

Studio Ghibli may have just announced these bags and purses, but the legendary animation studio has even more on the horizon with a theme park specifically featuring numerous locales from the movies created in part thanks to Hayao Miyazaki. Though still a little while off, this new park is sure to create some amazing new locations for fans of the studio to visit.

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