Sword Art Online Shares Stunning War of Underworld Blu-ray Cover Art

Sword Art Online: Alicization has finally resumed the second half of the third season, and each new episode has been building to a major war between the human and dark territories in the Underworld. The latest episode in particular teased just how many new characters we'll be seeing with this arc, but there are still many more on the horizon. This is definitely the case for the latest stunning Blu-ray cover for the home video release of the series in Japan, which is packed to the brim with many of the characters making an appearance over the course of this war.

Illustrated by the original illustrator of the light novels, abec, the official Twitter account for the series revealed a stunning collector's box for Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld that fans in Japan will be able to nab beginning with the release of the first volume later this December.

The gorgeous illustration not only gives fans the first real look at Sinon and Leafa's player character looks in the Underworld, and it seems like they'll be coming alongside Asuna at some point in the series' future. But along with this are the fierce new looks at Alice and the Integrity Knights (included some we have only seen briefly in the anime) and the various enemies of the Dark Territory. It's a great tease of the major battle to come, and maybe this collector's box will make its way outside of Japan in some official capacity in the future?

If you wanted to jump back into the series, you can currently find Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, HIDIVE, and Hulu. War of Underworld is described as such, "Kirito, Eugeo, and Alice. Six months have passed since the two disciples and an Integrity Knight brought down the pontifex, Administrator. With the fighting over, Alice has been living in her hometown of Rulid Village. Beside her is Kirito, who has not only lost his arm and soul, but also his dear friend.


As Alice devotes herself to looking after Kirito, she too has lost the will to fight she once had as a knight. “Tell me, Kirito… What should I do?” Nevertheless, the time for the final stress test – one which will engulf the entire Underworld with tragedy – draws relentlessly closer. Meanwhile, in the deepest areas of the Dark Territory, the Dark God Vecta has resurrected, as if to have waited for this very moment. Leading an army of dark forces, they begin their invasion into the human empire in hopes of attaining the Priestess of Light.

The human empire force led by the Integrity Knight Bercouli prepares for a war of an unimaginable scale against the army of the Dark Territory. Even then, Alice is nowhere to be seen, nor the two heroes that saved the realm… The curtain rises on the final chapter of the SAO series’ longest and most glorious battle – the Alicization arc."

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