Sword Art Online Movie Announces LiSA's Theme Song

Japanese singer LiSA has dipped her toes into several anime franchises in the past, supplying themes for series such as My Hero Academia, Fate/Stay, and Angel Beats! to name a few, but her popularity skyrocketed when she created the opening theme song for Demon Slayer's television series, Gurenge. With the theme shattering records in Japan, it's no surprise to see that LiSA has been asked to return to the world of anime, with the upcoming Sword Art Online movie, Progressive: Aria of a Starless Night, announcing that the singer will be returning to the franchise.

If you're unaware, LiSA has a long history with the popular isekai anime, Sword Art Online, having created several songs for various seasons of the series that introduced the world to Kirito and Asuna. The upcoming theme song titled "Yuke" will be a part of the upcoming film which is set to hit theaters in Japan on October 30th. While the franchise has been tight-lipped so far regarding a North American release date of this side story that takes us back to the earlier adventures of Asuna and Kirito as they attempt to escape the deadly digital world, the popularity franchise pretty much assures that we will see it arrive in the West, though a theatrical run might not be as certain.

The Official Twitter Account for Sword Art Online shared the big news that LiSA would be returning to the world of the popular anime franchise, having created theme songs for the first season, Alicization, and War of Underworld along with several other anime franchises:

Sword Art Online as a series has ventured into some wild territory, as following the first season that trapped Kirito and Asuna in a digital world where dying in the game meant dying in the real world, the virtual reality was further fleshed out with new games and new realities. With this upcoming movie taking us back into the past of the franchise, it will be interesting to see if any new developments take place that might hint at the future of the anime series that has become one of the biggest examples of an isekai the world over.


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