The Kingdoms of Ruin Anime Announced

Following the jam-packed fall season of 2022, this new year is going to have to drop some major bombshells when it comes to attempting to compete with the legendary offerings of last year. With this upcoming year seeing the release of new anime series such as Undead Unlock, Solo Leveling, and Mashle, another competitor has announced that it will enter the fray. The Kingdoms of Ruin has announced that it will be unleashing a new anime adaptation later this year, with this story from creator yoruhashi one to keep an eye on.

The upcoming anime adaptation will be brought to life by Yokohama Animation Lab, the production house that previously lent a hand on Jujutsu Kaisen, helped in creating the anime adaptation for the popular video game Legend of Mana, and helped bring Monster Strike to the small screen. The series will be directed by Keitaro Motonaga and the two main characters have already been cast with voice actor Kaito Ishikawa playing Adonis and Azumi Waki playing Doroka. The Kingdoms of Ruin focuses on a world wherein witches have become obsolete and a new level of technology has caused the world to turn its back on the spellcasters in a bloody fashion. 

The Kingdoms of Ruin: Witch Hunt

The anime will arrive at some point this year, though the adaptation has kept a specific release date close to its chest so far, but revealed new artwork from the series creator along with a new poster to boot:

The translation of this Tweet reads as such:

"Congratulations! The Kingdoms of Ruin will be made into a TV animation in 2023! The long-awaited anime adaptation of The Kingdoms of Ruing, which is currently being serialized in Monthly Comic Gard. The cover and animation article will be posted in the March issue released on February 3rd. A celebratory illustration from creator yoruhashi has also arrived! Witness the torrent of unparalleled dark fantasy!"

Seven Seas Entertainment originally printed the first volumes of The Kingdoms of Ruin and released an official description for the series that blends the supernatural with technology to create an all-out war:

"Humanity long lived in harmony with witches, but an advanced scientific revolution has made the powers of a witch unnecessary. Succumbing to resentment and fear, the greatest nation in the world begins a brutal witch hunt and eliminates all witches from the land. After being forced to watch his beloved teacher die, Adonis, a witch's apprentice, swears revenge on the empire that took everything away from him. It's a bloody battle between science and magic in this thrilling new fantasy manga!"