The Rising of the Shield Hero to Get Live-Action Stage Play

If you need a fix of more live-action anime, then you better check out travel fares to Japan for next spring. The Rising of the Shield Hero stands as one of this year's biggest hits, and it promises to enter the real world with a special stage play. According to new reports, Japan will debut a play inspired by the series next year, and it will star all your favorites.

According to new reports, The Rising of the Shield Hero will be getting a stage play adaptation in the Spring of 2020. It will begin in Osaka before moving to Tokyo.

As it turns out, Osaka will welcome the stage play in March before Tokyo brings The Rising of the Shield Hero to the Theater Sun-mall in April. At this time, no cast has been given for the project, but fans do know who will be overseeing the show. Satoshi Ogita will direct the adaptation while Kaori Moriyama writes the script. The company Scissors Blitz will handle production with Kazuki Unebasami acting as the main producer.

Of course, this stage play is just one of dozens which Japan has created from anime. Hit series like Naruto and even My Hero Academia have gotten their own live-action takes, and The Rising of the Shield Hero will be next on the list. Fans are hoping the venture is just one of a few to debut in 2020 for The Rising of the Shield Hero as reports did confirm the show's getting two more seasons. Earlier this year, Crunchyroll Expo announced seasons two and three are a go for the anime with the second being in production at this time.

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Originally conceived by Aneko Yusagi in 2013, The Rising of the Shield Hero's anime is produced by Kinema Citrus. The series is described as such: "Iwatani Naofumi, a run-of-the-mill otaku, finds a book in the library that summons him to another world. He is tasked with joining the sword, spear, and bow as one of the Four Cardinal Heroes and fighting the Waves of Catastrophe as the Shield Hero. Excited by the prospect of a grand adventure, Naofumi sets off with his party. However, merely a few days later, he is betrayed and loses all his money, dignity, and respect. Unable to trust anyone anymore, he employs a slave named Raphtalia and takes on the Waves and the world. But will he really find a way to overturn this desperate situation?"

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