The Seven Deadly Sins Confirms New 2020 Anime

The Seven Deadly Sins is coming to a close in print, but that doesn't mean things are over for the series. The show has an anime ongoing, and a brand-new announcement from Weekly Shonen Magazine has confirmed a new show is on the way. The series will finish adapting The Seven Deadly Sins with a slated debut in Fall 2020.

The announcement went live in the latest issue of Kodansha's magazine (via ANN). The release brought The Seven Deadly Sins to a close after its debut in 2012. Nearly a decade later, Meliodas and his crew have wrapped their journey, but it will carry on for another round on the small screen.

The new anime will be called The Seven Deadly Sins: Anger's Judgement. The show will premiere in Japan this October with all of the main cast returning to reprise their roles.

Currently, there is no word on who will produce the anime or how long the series will run. This fourth outing will wrap the anime's legacy, so fans are hoping it is a good one. Currently, the show has been critiqued heavily thanks to its lackluster animation, but its rushed production has been blamed for the shoddy quality. J.C. Staff was given the anime out of nowhere for the season, so audiences are keeping their fingers crossed for improvements during this final run. After all, it would be a shame for the show to pull a Tokyo Ghoul:re after all its years of hard work.


With this new anime in the works, fan are hoping The Seven Deadly Sins can pass on peacefully down the line. Creator Nakaba Suzuki has confirmed he's working on ideas for a sequel, so its heroes will have more to do in the near future. And should the spinoffs be cancelled, this final season would give fans comfort as they mourn the loss of their favorite anime.

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