The Simpsons Won't End Anytime Soon, Says Showrunner

The Simpsons co-showrunner Al Jean revealed he hopes the show gets to 1,000 episodes!

The Simpsons is fast approaching the end of its milestone Season 35 of the long running animated sitcom, and the current co-showrunner behind it all thinks the future is so bright behind it all that the end of it wont be coming anytime soon. The Simpsons will be wrapping Season 35 within a few days with its final episode airing this Spring, but has already been renewed for Season 36 of the animated series coming next year. With the next season of the series eventually crossing the 800 episode milestone, it seems there's no potential end of sight for those behind it all. 

The Simpsons co-showrunner Al Jean recently spoke to ScreenRant about the future of the series to help celebrate the release of The Simpsons' May the 12th Be With You special on Disney+, and revealed that with The Simpsons Season 36 bringing the series to its 800 episode milestone, there's still a bright future ahead of the long running sitcom. In fact, Jean revealed that he hopes to see The Simpsons actually reach 1,000 episodes someday. At its current rate, that's totally possible within the next few years. 

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Will The Simpsons Ever End? 

"With the help of our animators, we had a full slate of shows this year, which looked terrific," Jean stated. "We did have to just take a break for four months because of the strike, which I'm glad we did, that was what we should have done. But I think the show is in fantastic shape. I'm biased, but I think that the current episodes are, whether I work on one, a lot or not, are great. And I think that the future is bright, it's gonna go to 800, and I hope 1000." 

It's yet to be revealed if FOX plans to continue The Simpsons beyond its currently renewed Season 36 in 2025, but Fox CEO Rob Wade recently spoke with Deadline to note that the franchise continues to have an important place in their broadcast schedule. " think we have enough schedule, enough time to fit them all in," Wade stated. "The schedule has obviously been disrupted slightly in the last year because of the strikes, so that made things a little bit patchier but we love those shows, we have a great relationship with the creatives from those shows and we have a great relationship with Hulu and Disney."

If you wanted to check out The Simpsons Season 35, you can watch the episodes now on Hulu and the previous 34 seasons with Disney+. 

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