The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf's Runtime Revealed

Netflix is currently at work on The Witcher season 2, but that is of course not the only Witcher [...]

Netflix is currently at work on The Witcher season 2, but that is of course not the only Witcher spinoff in the works. Also in development is the upcoming Anime film The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, though aside from scant details we don't know much else about the anticipated project. Thanks to @Medievilpt however we do now know what the runtime on the film will be, as they spotted a new listing for the movie on Netflix that showed the runtime is 1 hour and 21 minutes long. Now, if we can just get a release date we'll be grand, but honestly, it makes sense that we haven't received that yet, as the pandemic has thrown any preconceived plans out the window.

Redanian Intelligence shared the photo with the caption "Thanks to @Medievilpt who caught this, we now know the length of 'The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf' 2D anime film, written by @BeauDeMayo"

We do know that the movie will be set long before Geralt was slaying monsters, and will instead focus on his mentor Vesemir during his monster-slaying days and will shed light on how he became a Witcher in the first place. recently had the chance to speak to writer Beau DeMayo all about the film, including why they decided to go the anime route for the project.

"I think from just... In terms of what the Witcher world is capable of, It is a massive canvas, and I actually started out my career working as an assistant and executive at Disney in animation, and it was there where I first got my job in the industry," DeMayo said. "So I was aware when Lauren came and asked me to write it, what we could do in animation that you cannot do in live-action. There is not necessarily always parity between those two mediums. There are things that you can animate in an animated form that will look so amazing, so badass, that if you did it in action, in live-action, it's just going to look goofy or it's just going to register as a little false to the human eye."

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf will be helmed by Lauren S. Hissrich, written by Beau DeMayo, and animated by Studio Mir, and you can check out the official description for the film below.

"Long before mentoring Geralt, Vesemir begins his own journey as a witcher after the mysterious Deglan claims him through the Law of Surprise."

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf currently has no release date.

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