'Tiger & Bunny' Season 2 Gets Sponsorship Offers From Sex Toy Brand And More

It's been a long time since Tiger & Bunny graced TV screens, and it's been so long that all sorts [...]

It's been a long time since Tiger & Bunny graced TV screens, and it's been so long that all sorts of companies want to get in on the action. The series is most well known for featuring heroes sponsored by real world companies, and a new season of the series means new characters and even newer sponsorships.

But could a company that produces sex toys be one of those sponsors?

Japanese companies took to Twitter after the series' announcement and not-so-subtly dropped hints that they would be interested in being a part of the new season. Corned beef company Nozaki thinks they'd be perfect for the character Rock Bison, bicycle race ticket seller Satellite Osaka wants Wild Tiger, candle maker Kameyama wants Origami Cyclone, and adhesive producer Cemedine wants Sky High.

Some companies have expressed interest but don't know who they'd like to sponsor like Ukkokei Honpo (a sweets maker), Kemco (game developer), Kumamoto Taxi, Crystal Geyser (a spring water company), au (a mobile phone company), Fuji Kyoko Bus, and Tanita, the scale makig company.

But perhaps the oddest of the companies here is Tenga. Tenga is a popular adult toy company worldwide that produces many things you wouldn't immediately associate with the series. But the thought of one of the characters blatantly advertising a sex product provider across their chest would just be too hilarious to pass up. Although none of the sponsorships have been confirmed or denied, fans just might want Tenga to appear just a bit more than the others.

The new Tiger & Bunny series was confirmed on Twitter with the page teasing, "[f]urther updates will be announced on its official website and Twitter in the future." So fans will definitely be sticking to their screens for any future announcements.

The original series was directed by Keiichi Satou (character designer on The Big O) with Masafumi Nishida writing the scripts, and Masakazu Katsura (Video Girl Ai) designed the characters, and perhaps there is still a chance some of the production staff behind the original series will come back.

If you are not familiar with Tiger & Bunny, you should know the anime made its debut in 2011 under director Keiichi Satou. The series followed up with two films which finished their release in February 2014. The series became a big hit with shonen fans thanks to its superhero stylings and smooth 3D graphics. So, fans are happy to see Tiger & Bunny prepping for a comeback.

The series is a unique one which paved the way for titles like My Hero Academia. Tiger & Bunny takes place in a New York City-knockoff called Stern Bild City where heroes called NEXT exist. Each of the city's top heroes work for sponsored companies and have their good deeds broadcast on live television. The heroes fight live to earn heroic points which can crown them as the King of Heroes, but things go awry when a NEXT called Lunatic appears and makes the world question what a true hero is.

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