Toonami Reveals Plans For DC Fandome

One of the biggest conventions that arose thanks to the coronavirus pandemic is DC Fandome, the virtual convention that dives into the world of DC Comics' media and this year is looking to raise the stakes by further exploring the numerous upcoming projects by Warner Bros Entertainment. With the likes of The Batman, Black Adam, Shazam Fury Of The Gods, The Flash, and Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom being featured in this digital event, Cartoon Network's programming block of Toonami is looking to celebrate the occasion by playing two of the best Batman animated movies that hit the scene. 

To celebrate the upcoming event, Toonami is looking to air both Batman: Under The Red Hood and Batman: Ninja, two of the biggest animated movies to be released that followed the Dark Knight in two very different scenarios. The former movie follows Batman battling against the mysterious Red Hood who is connected to a traumatic event from Bruce Wayne's past as Gotham's protector, with the latter film being far less serious by flinging the DC hero into feudalistic Japan and re-imagining both Batman and his rogues' gallery. Needless to say, DC Fandome is sure to have plenty of reveals that will relate to the world of Gotham City and it's dark vigilante.

Jason DeMarco, the co-creator of Toonami, confirmed that the two Batman animated movies will be shown on October 16th to coincide with the DC Fandome, picking two films that show drastically different sides of the Dark Knight with animation styles that could not be more different from one another:

Toonami might be most known for its anime series that it helped introduce to viewers in North America, but it has dived into the world of DC Animation before quite a few times. Airing the likes of Batman The Animated Series, Superman, Justice League, and more, it's no surprise to see that the Cartoon Network programming block would be once again diving into Warner Bros Animation's library to help coincide with Fandome. 


What is your favorite Batman animated movie? What new details of the Dark Knight do you think will be revealed at DC Fandome, taking place later this month? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Toonami.