Zack Snyder's Twilight of the Gods Shares Release Window, First Still

Zack Snyder's animated project comes on the heels of his Rebel Moon launch.

Twilight of the Gods is finally gearing up for its big launch. For some time now, Netflix and filmmaker Zack Snyder have been teasing the animated show's epic arc. Now, we have been given a first look at Twilight of the Gods as well as a release window for the series.

Over on social media, Snyder shared the first still from Twilight of the Gods with a note regarding its launch. "We fear no Gods! Coming to Netflix this fall, my new animated series Twilight of the Gods!"

So there you have it! Snyder will roll out Twilight of the Gods this fall. At this time, we don't have a firm release month for the show, but the world will get a new peek at the animated title soon. After all, Netflix has big plans for the Annecy International Animation Festival, and Twilight of the Gods is on its roster.

In fact, a number of Netflix projects are slated to appear at Annecy this June. Wallace & Gromit will help lead the slate as the claymation franchise has a new, untitled film in the works. Netflix will also showcase Ultraman: Rising and Arcane season two at the event. When it comes to Twilight of the Gods, Snyder is set to appear in-person at the event with executive producers Deborah Snyder as well as Slimane Aniss, the animation director at Xilam. The trio are set to showcase clips of the incoming series at Annecy, so hopefully Twilight of the Gods will share those promos online before long.

If you want to brush up on Snyder's most recent work, then Netflix is the place to be. The director has been busy with a new film series, after all. Rebel Moon and its recent sequel mark Snyder's latest projects, so you can binge these two movies now on Netflix. 

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