'Violet Evergarden' Will Not Simulcast In The U.S.

Netflix is making a bigger push into the anime distribution scene in 2018, and they have acquired [...]

Netflix is making a bigger push into the anime distribution scene in 2018, and they have acquired the rights to numerous big anime series fans are looking forward to. While it's good news to have these series confirmed for a release in territories outside of Japan, the series aren't release on the same schedule as other streaming sites.

This means that many fans have to wait for Netflix to release an entire season of a series after it completes its run in Japan, and now it will be the same situation for one of the most intriguing series of the Winter 2018 season, Violet Evergarden.

The series has begun airing on Netflix in territories outside of Japan as of January 11, according to Anime News Network, but not in the United States. Fans in the U.K., Canada, and the Philippines, have noticed the first episode had hit the streaming service in their territories, but no such luck in the United States.

In these territories, the series is available in English, Japanese, French, Italian, and Spanish audio, and subtitled in English, French, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. With multiple audios already available, fans are wondering why the series isn't being simulcast in the United States as well.

Unlike other anime streaming services, Netflix often uploads entire seasons of anime to the service due to a focus on binge watching. Rather than release an episode week to week and risk losing the audience, they'd prefer someone stumbling on a series and watching it till the end.

This distribution technique is not inherently flawed, but fans in the United States used to the weekly offerings of other anime streaming services would hope to see the same series' dominating conversation in Japan. This has been the case for past Netflix exclusive series like The Seven Deadly Sins and Kakegurui, and now will be for Violet Evergarden.

There is no concrete release date for Part 1 of the series, but Netflix has Violet Evergarden currently slated for a Spring 2018 release.

For those unfamiliar with Violet Evergarden, the series is a beautiful one. It tells the story of Violet, a girl who was used as a human weapon in a war that ended not long ago. Working in a post office to recover, Violet learns about new tech called Auto Memory Dolls. The special items help convert thoughts and even memories into words. After being told something strange during the war, Violet hopes to discover the words' true meaning through the Auto Memory Dolls, leading the heroine on a rather unexpected journey.

via Anime News Network