Yashahime: Princess Half Demon The Second Act Is Now Streaming

The day has once again arrived for fans of the supernatural world of demons that has become a classic example of anime within the medium as Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, the sequel to Inuyasha, has returned with its "Second Act," Following the first season which introduced viewers to the daughters of Inuyasha, Kagome, Sesshomaru, and Rin in Moroha, Towa, and Setsuna, many questions were answered about what had become of the original protagonists while also peppering in just as many questions when it comes to the events that saw Towa jettisoned into the present.

The first season of Yashahime ended with quite the cliffhanger, as Setsuna had apparently died before her sister Towa's eyes. As Towa mourned the loss of her sister who grew up in this magical world, her father Sesshomaru delivered unto her the broken Tenseiga which might just be able to reverse the heartbreaking events of the season finale. Needless to say, there is plenty of material for this new season to cover when it comes to answering unanswered questions and the fate that befell several characters from earlier in the season.

Funimation shared the big news that Yashahime: Half-Princess Demon is currently streaming on its service, while the series can also currently be found on both Crunchyroll and Hulu, giving anime fans a few options when it comes to diving back into the supernatural environment:

If you aren't familiar with the sequel series to Inuyasha, Crunchyroll has the official description on its site, which reads as such:

"Set in feudal Japan, half-demon twins Towa and Setsuna are separated from each other during a forest fire. While desperately searching for her younger sister, Towa wanders into a mysterious tunnel that sends her into present-day Japan, where she is found and raised by Kagome Higurashi's brother, Sota, and his family. Ten years later, the tunnel that connects the two eras has reopened, allowing Towa to be reunited with Setsuna, who is now a demon slayer working for Kohaku. But to Towa's shock, Setsuna appears to have lost all memories of her older sister."


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