Your Lie in April Creator Shares Peek at New Series

Your Lie in April is one of those stories you cannot forget. The manga and anime are gut-wrenching in ways that are hard to describe. Of course, we have Naoshi Arakawa to thank as the creator brought the beloved title to life. And now, the creator is sharing a first look at their newest project with fans.

The update comes from Twitter as Arakawa confirmed the title of their new story. The manga will be called Atwight Game, and it will begin in Weekly Shonen Manga shortly. In fact, the series is slated to debut on September 28th in Japan, and as you can see below, a sketch of its main character was released to boot.

This title is far from the only Arakawa has done outside of Your Lie in April if you didn't know. The creator has made several popular series outside of the angsty coming-of-age tale. Most recently, they completed their work on Farewell, My Dear Cramer as it ran from 2016 to 2020. And back in the day, Arakawa began their career in 2007 with A School Frozen in Time.

Of course, Arakawa is known best for their work on Your Lie in April. The romantic drama was released in April 2011 and ran for four years. A-1 Pictures then adapted the heartbreaking tale into an anime, and Your Lie in April has gone on to spawn live-action projections and even a musical. So if you love Arakawa's brand of storytelling, you will want to check out Awight Game once it hits your market!

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