'Your Name' Director Shares New Anime Commercial

Makoto Shinkai, the acclaimed director of one of last year's most talked-about anime, Your Name, has a new project -- an anime music video for Sukima Switch.

The music video is for a song titled "Mr. Kite" and features two young people as they transition from their teen years to the work world of adulthood. You can check it out below.

As one might expect, the video has a very similar look and feel to Your Name, but one notable difference is a prevalence of Japanese construction workers in the video. If it seems like that is a deliberate choice, you would be right. The music video isn't just a video for Sukima Switch's latest album. It is also part of a collaboration with Japan's Taisei Corporation. Taisei Corporation is a business focused on civil engineering, construction, and real estate development.

Fans watching the ad carefully may also notice that some of it looks familiar. This new ad combines previous footage from a 30-second promotion for Taisei that Shinkai did back in 2014. That 2014 ad focused only on the male character shown in this latest ad with the young man going on to work for Taisei as an engineer at Vietnam's Noi Bai International Airport. In the new elements of the ad, construction on the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) train line in Singapore gets a focus.

This video is the third time Shinkai has created anime shorts as advertisements for the Taisei Corporation. Before the 2014 ad, Shinkai also made an ad for Taisei's Bosporus Strait Tunnel in Turkey back in 2011. He's also done work for other companies as well, including the short film "Cross Road" for correspondence education service Z-Kai in 2014 as well as the short "Someone's Gaze" for the Nomura Real Estate Group.

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