Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Spots a Clever Easter Egg in Hades

When it comes to Yu-Gi-Oh, there are some cards you cannot allow yourself to overlook. Sure, cards like Blue-Eyes White Dragon are a big deal, but there are others out there that beg to be used. The anime gave fans plenty of reasons to fall for the card Harpie's Feather Duster, and it seems the team behind a hit Nintendo Switch game decided to bring that tool to their title.

Recently, fans of Yu-Gi-Oh began buzzing after one of their own discovered an easter egg in the game Hades. The title, which is one of the hottest selling for the Nintendo Switch, is a gorgeous game all about the Greek mythos. And as it would turn out, it has its own Harpy Feather Duster.

(Photo: Studio Gallop )

As you can see here, the Harpy Feather Duster has some familiar traits to the one found in Yu-Gi-Oh. The two share similarities in terms of design thanks to their blue-and-purple feathers. However, the most interesting bit comes with their utility. In Hades, the duster acts as a Keepsake which can be equipped.

When it comes to Yu-Gi-Oh, the duster has a bit more weight behind it. The card is not only an iconic part of the trading card game, but the spell card is super strong. While it is banned in most tournament games, the Duster allows its user to destroy their opponent's controlled spell and trap cards. Clearly, this will give the player an insane leg up, and duelists like Joey loved to use this card in the anime.

Thankfully, Hades has not banned the Keepsake, but its take on the Duster is not quite as powerful. Still, the homage here is hard to miss, and fans are glad to see Yu-Gi-Oh living on in the lore of other franchises.


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