Yu-Gi-Oh to Stream Several Series Over on Pluto TV

Pluto TV is expecting a major anime drop, and fans of Yu-Gi-Oh better be eyeing the streaming service with excitement. After all, a new report has gone live regarding Pluto TV, and it confirms the site has plans to stream several Yu-Gi-Oh series including the recent Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS season.

The announcement went live earlier today as Cinedigm shared the news with fans. The site announced Pluto TV has secured exclusive rights to stream Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS in the United States, Latin America, and more. To celebrate the recent acquisition, Pluto TV will develop an entire channel dedicated to Yu-Gi-Oh which will launch in November for U.S. fans. There is no firm release window for the channel in other territories at this time.

(Photo: Studio Gallop)

Of course, Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS is a major get for Pluto TV, but that is not the only series coming to the site. The streaming service plans to bring more than 650 episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh to fans with help from several former series. Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS, Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal, Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, and Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters are all on the table to join Pluto TV. The streaming service even hopes to feature multiple dubs in different languages as well as "original music" for Western audiences.

As for the anime's ongoing series, there is no word on when Yu-Gi-Oh Sevens will make its debut in the United States. For now, all eyes are on the franchise's outing with VRAINS as it enjoyed positive reviews from fans. You can check out the full synopsis for the series below:

"In Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS, a duelist named Playmaker must team up with a trash-talking AI to thwart a nefarious group of hackers bent on destroying the cyber world. Ranked 6th in Best 100 TV Anime at the 2019 Tokyo Anime Award Festival, the series merges virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and high-speed dueling into a fighting extravaganza."


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