Cursed Yu-Gi-Oh x Pokemon Crossover Is the Thing of Nightmares

Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon have long been competitors as anime franchises that focus on monster battles, using Poke-Balls and magical cards as their respective gateways, and while there hasn't been an official crossover between the franchises that brought to life Ash Ketchum and Yugi Moto, a "cursed" image has been found that terrifyingly unites the anime. Though few would think that Yu-Gi-Oh has ever been able to surpass the juggernaut that is Pokemon when it comes to its influence in the world of anime and video games, it has clearly carved a fan base for itself over the years.

Both Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon allow fans to participate in card tournaments, putting together decks of pocket monsters and duel monsters to battle against one another. Yu-Gi-Oh however has an added element not present in the adventures of Ash Ketchum, wherein trap and spell cards are incorporated into the tournaments that have gained traction the world over. The cursed image featured here relates to both of these anime card games, with the magazine, Beckett, taking the opportunity to attempt to fuse the two franchises together, giving both Pikachu and Blue-Eyes White Dragon makeovers that make them seem like they have switched anime for the first time ever.

Reddit User Super Neon Samurai 2 shared this "cursed image" which attempted to convey the main protagonists and monsters of both Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh in a way that many fans consider to be more terrifying than anything else as Ash and Yugi share the limelight:

Yugipoke Monsters?! from r/yugioh

Both anime franchises have recently seen the arrivals of brand-new journeys for their characters, with Yu-Gi-Oh Sevens introducing us to a brand new cast of characters long after the departure of Yugi Moto and his friends from the first season of the anime. In Pokemon Journeys, the anime continues to follow the journey of Ash Ketchum, with new friend Goh at his side as they both bolster their rosters of pocket monsters. Though it doesn't seem as if Ash will be handing over the reins as the lead trainer of the anime series, having been front and center for decades, it would certainly add a new wrinkle to the series if Goh were eventually given the spotlight.

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