Yu-Gi-Oh Plans to Sell a $1000 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Card

Yu-Gi-Oh is making a comeback these days thanks to a surge in interest where trading cards are concerned. From Pokemon to Magic the Gathering, all eyes are on the industry right now, so Yu-Gi-Oh is living for the attention. Of course, that means it is only right to capitalize on the spot, and that is why Yu-Gi-Oh has announced plans for a very expensive card launch.

According to Hype Beast, the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG has made plans for a new entry to its Masterpiece Series. This limited line is set to welcome a commemorative Blue-Eyes White Dragon card that is made entirely of silver. The card, which is limited to 1,000 copies, will be made out of 99.9 percent pure silver that is burnished to a brilliant platinum finish.

The card will come encased in acrylic glass with a stamp authenticating its worth. Currently, the card will be limited to just one per customer, and that makes sense given the price. This Masterpiece card will cost a whopping $1,000 USD, so you can see why this item will be for the biggest of Yu-Gi-Oh fans.

This is not the first time a trading card like this has gone out. Years ago, the Pokemon Company teamed with a Japanese jewelry maker to make a 24K gold Pikachu trading card. The piece, which was modeled after the first Pikachu card, was sold initially for just over $2,000 USD. Now, the card sells for double or more in the secondhand market, so this collectible may experience similar appreciation. So if you want in on this Yu-Gi-Oh card, you better start saving up ASAP!


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