Zatch Bell Announces New Sequel Series

Nostalgia is a big thing these days in the world of entertainment, and anime has seen some major franchises announcing these past few years that they would be making comebacks. With Inuyasha returning via Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon and Spice And Wolf recently announcing a new anime project to celebrate its fifteenth anniversary, Zatch Bell has just announced that a new sequel series will begin in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump next month, with the original creator of the series returning to explore the world of supernatural battles.     

Zatch Bell first hit the scene as a manga in Weekly Shonen Jump in 2001, running until 2007 with around thirty-three volumes to tell the story of the young high schooler Kiyomaro Takamine as he is dragged into a world in which supernatural creatures attempt to become the king of their domain. The twist for these Mamodo is that they can only access their true power by relying on spells read by a human being, making Kiyomaro a necessary partner for Zatch. Receiving an anime television series and film, Zatch Bell also found popularity in the West thanks in part to being picked up by Cartoon Network's Toonami.

The creator of the series, Makoto Raiku, released the good news on their Official Twitter Account, promising that the sequel to Zatch Bell would begin next month:

If you're unfamiliar with this world of the supernatural and battles similar to that of Pokemon, with a major twist, the official description of Zatch Bell's manga from Viz Media reads as such:

"Kiyomaro Takamine is a brilliant junior high student whose inflated ego (and tendency to blow the grading curve) has made him a major target for teasing at school. So his father sends him a bizarre birthday present — a strange little boy named Gash — to help him make friends and reform his bad attitude. Gash brings with him a mysterious red volume of spells, and Kiyomaro discovers that Gash has magic powers that are unleashed by reading from the book! But there are more surprises to come, and Kiyomaro's destiny is about to change forever!"  

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