Zombie Land Saga Announces Zombieland: Double Tap Collaboration

Zombieland: Double Tap surprised fans of the original with a hilarious sequel released a decade [...]

Zombieland: Double Tap surprised fans of the original with a hilarious sequel released a decade after the first film hit theaters, and now it's going to be making its way through Japan. But thankfully it's going to get some help from another hilarious franchise using the "zombie land" namesake, Zombie Land Saga. The girls of Franchouchou have been tapped for a hilarious new collaboration promoting Double Tap's theatrical debut in Japan, and this has resulted in a surprise trailer for the upcoming film. You can check it out in the video above!

But that's not the only extent of this zombie team up as the two have combined for a hilarious new poster as the zombie girls of Franchouchou are "threateningly" approaching the central cast of the new Zombieland sequel. Check it out below!

The collaboration promo sees Franchouchou's enigmatic producer Kotaro Tatsumi task the girls with voiceover for the zombies in the upcoming film. As they try and make appropriate sounds for the monstrous creatures in the sequel, it seems it's all in vain as they might not even be involved with the movie! But this par for the course for the distressed young undead girls of the idol group on the rise.

Zombie Land Saga will soon be returning with a second season. Confirmed to be in the works earlier this year, the second season is officially titled Zombie Land Saga Revenge. There's no official release date for the new season as of this writing, but given the Fall 2018 debut of the first season, we might be looking at a Fall 2020 release if everything moves along smoothly. ComicBook.com will be here to share any news and updates on the matter!

For those unfamiliar, Zombie Land Saga is an original anime devised by Cygames, AVEX Pictures, and Studio MAPPA. It's a particularly unique series following Sakura Minamoto, a high-school girl who dreams of becoming an idol except she comes across a major speed bump...she dies. Ten years after her death, she's brought back to life alongside six "legendary" idol girls from different eras by a mysterious man in order to form an idol super group (known as "Franchouchou") that will put Japan's Saga Prefecture on the map. The idol industry has been dying, but now these living dead girls will try and spring it back to life.