The Walking Dead: Steven Yeun Talks Zombie Poop With Craig Ferguson

Steven Yeun and Craig Ferguson In an appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Steven Yeun revealed a real spoiler about zombies. Ferguson asked, “Zombies, do they poop or do they not poop?

Yeun replied, “I’s got to go somewhere. It’s got to come out somewhere.” Ferguson agreed, “Right, exactly, or else they would be morbidly obese zombies. Nobody wants to see that.”

Yeun added, “Yeah, a lot of them are skinny, so I would only imagine...poop.” Ferguson suggested, “Maybe that’s how you can track them if you’re like zombie hunter. You could go like, ‘yeah this is a zombie, it’s fresh to.’”

After pretending to smell and taste zombie poop, Craig Ferguson turned his attention to Steven Yeun's feet. Ferguson observed that Yeun wasn't wearing any socks. Yeun told Ferguson that well-made shoes don't smell after wearing them with no socks and offered to let Ferguson smell his shoe to prove it. Ferguson took Yeun up on his offer, and after sniffing Yeun's shoe agreed that it did not smell.