Unicorn Apocalypse: Five Reasons This Movie Should Get Made

Unicorn Apocalypse Cornelius The Unicorn

Tonight, the Academy Awards is celebrating the best movies of last year, but it’s another movie possibility from a Samsung commercial that has us excited. We’ve seen movies based on video games before. We’ve seen apocalyptic movies before. And we’ve even seen movies about unicorns before. Yet, we’ve never seen a movie based on a fake video game about the apocalypse and unicorns. Yes, Unicorn Apocalypse is a movie concept whose time has come, and we’ve compiled a list of the top five reasons that this movie should really be made.

Hornelius The Unicorn – At the center of every great story is a great hero, and Unicorn Apocalypse has a great hero. When Hornelius the Unicorn flashed upon the screen, we immediately realized we were looking at a franchise building character. From the out of socket eyeball to the exposed rib cage to the rainbow tail, Hornelius the Unicorn is like Rainbow Brite, Rod Zombie, and War Horse all wrapped up in one deliciously awesome package.

Great Title – Half the battle of making a great movie is coming up with a clever and catchy title. People will go to see a movie with a great title even if the plot and acting sucks. Unicorn Apocalypse: Horn Of Darkness is by far the best title we’ve ever heard for a movie. We were sold on this movie upon just hearing “Unicorn Apocalypse” but the addition of “Horn Of Darkness” really gives us a sense of how dark and gritty this film will be. All movie titles are made better by adding the word “dark” or “darkness” to the title, and the producers behind Unicorn Apocalypse get that.

Unicorn Apocalypse Movie With Tim Burton

Tim Burton – If there was ever a director born to direct Unicorn Apocalypse, then Tim Burton is that director. Tim Burton has taken concepts such as “a man with scissors for hands” and “a dog version of Frankenstein” and created movie magic. With a concept as rich as Unicorn Apocalypse, we shudder to think at the pure awesomeness that Burton will be able to bring to the big screen. Tim Burton himself put it best, when he said, “This is all the kind of stuff I love, you know, zombies, unicorns, the apocalypse. Did you guys know that unicorns are basically goats?”

Unicorn Apocalypse Action Figures – Movies should never be just about telling a great and thought-provoking story. It’s very disappointing when studios want to focus on the plot and the characters and completely forget about the importance of selling toys and action figures. Movies that are just about winning prestigious awards and critical praise often miss the bigger picture of selling millions of dollars in licensed merchandise. When we saw Tim Burton playing with the Unicorn Apocalypse action figure prototype, we knew this was one of those rare movies where the toy line would strike a chord with both young children and adult collectors. It’s got the appeal of My Little Pony, while also capturing The Walking Dead market.

Great Plot – While plot should always be considered secondary after more important factors such as merchandising potential, Unicorn Apocalypse actually has a more solid concept than the majority of films produced by Hollywood. When describing his vision for Unicorn Apocalypse, Tim Burton said, “Zombie unicorns on one side, what’s left of humanity on the other. Unicorns attack and start killing everybody. Humans fight back spilling unicorn blood, which is like rainbow colored with little weird sparkles in it.” Who wouldn’t go see that movie? It’s got trilogy potential written all over it.

Check out the Samsung Mobile commercial below, which introduces the world to the possibility of a Tim Burton directed Unicorn Apocalypse movie.