Batman's Surprise Enemy Revealed as...Commissioner Gordon?

Even though DC has given up on the "WTF-certified" branding that was meant to go with their line-wide gatefold cover promotion next month, there's got to be at least a few fans who will say exactly that when they see the cover DC just published on their blog.

Batman #19, one of the "Road to Recovery" titles that was teased yesterday with some interior art, will apparently feature a surprising new foe for Bruce Wayne in the form of Gotham City Police Commissioner Jim Gordon.

Why Bruce Wayne would be holding a gun at all, let alone holding a gun on Gordon, is anybody's guess, but it's hard not to imagine that the Commissioner's visit will have something to do with either Wayne's funding of Batman's activities, or the sudden disappearance/death of his son Damian, or both.

Gordon, after all, is no dummy. It would be hard for him, knowing that Bruce is bankrolling Batman, Inc., not to at least speculate that Wayne's dead son and Batman's dead dark-haired, pre-pubescent sidekick are one and the same...