Superman Writer Scott Lobdell Filling In on Action Comics

With the end of Andy Diggle and Tony S. Daniel's run on Action Comics coming in June, had speculated yesterday that we might not see the fruition of a teaser image released in yesterday's Action Comics #19, which teased Superman in a modified version of the black-and-silver "regeneration suit" seen in The Return of Superman.

Of course, we also noted at the time that the same suit had appeared in Superman #0 by Scott Lobdell--who is now, along with Tyler Kirkham and Batt, doing what's being described as a fill-in arc on Action Comics before the next creative team can be announced.

That likely sets the title up for a Comic-Con reveal, as it's difficult to imagine Lobdell's arc won't run for at least three months, giving DC time to sign a big name and prep an announcement for the biggest comics event of the year in July. On the other hand, it was difficult to imagine that whoever followed up Grant Morrison would last three months and quit in a blaze of glory, so...

Whether Lobdell will pick up the advertised story is unclear, as is whether that was always the plan (Daniel has said he was never meant to go beyond Action Comics #21), but it seems pretty likely.