Catwoman is "Unstoppable," Says Johns

catwoman-diesJust a week after he apparently wrote her death in an issue of Justice League of America, Catwoman is alive and well on the solicited cover of Geoff Johns's Forever Evil #1 - and the writer talks about the character in glowing terms that make it clear the intent was never really to take her out of the game.

In fact, her "death" won't even mean the end of her ongoing series as far as we can tell, and it might be the only monthly in September that remains with its regular protagonist.

Here's a bit from today's USA Today article on Forever Evil, in which Johns and artist David Finch discuss the character and her role in the upcoming, villain-centric crossover.

Catwoman, an antihero in her own series and a recent addition to Steve Trevor's JLA group, also has an integral part in Forever Evil and in stuff Johns will be working on for the future, according to the writer.

"She's a sexy character who uses that like a weapon but she also has a more vulnerable side to her that Geoff showed off so well in Justice League of America," Finch says. "It made me believe in her as a character."

Johns has been surprised by how after starting to write Catwoman that everything began to revolve around her due to who she is, the mysteries behind the Batman femme fatale and what she wants in her relationships.

"She is the ultimate thief. She can break in anywhere, she can break out of anywhere, there is no place that can hold her and no place that can keep her out," Johns says.

"In my mind, she is unstoppable. Her longing for finding out answers about some things in her past that we've set up is key for her drive over the next big story."